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  Calling all Indian companies with business in the Electrical & Power Industry! Special privileges await Indian companies joining the India Pavilion at MYANENERGY 2018 - Myanmar’s No.1 International Power & Electrical Engineering Show, taking place at the MEP Mindama, Yangon from 29 November to 1 December 2018.  
  Myanmar’s energy industry is currently one of the most promising industries in the world. Loaded with numerous investment opportunities throughout its energy value chain, Myanmar is ramping its commitment towards progress and is inviting the world to participate. As other countries cut back on energy investment, the country is approving new and significant power projects.

One of the industry’s recent developments is the approval of four power plants that is expected to generate a whopping 3,111 MW of power. With 17 hydropower and 15 natural gas plants in operation, Myanmar’s current electricity output is 3,189MW, and is estimated to double by 2020.

As the energy industry rapidly progresses ahead, this opens up an abundant demand for maintenance/repair equipment, connectors, transformers and many more. Aiming to take the electrical & power industry to the next level, MYANENERGY 2018 will feature the latest solutions, equipment and technology to meet the industry’s increasing demand. This timely B2B Expo will also provide a platform to connect key figures from Government Ministries, city development councils with industry professionals such as developers, architects, installers, and building and electrical contractors.

Featuring an international exhibition, a seminar and technology symposium and business networking sessions, MYANENERGY 2018 is an excellent platform to grow your company’s image and brand profile. Expecting over 250 local and international brands with Pavilions representing China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, MYANENERYGY is vital to Myanmar’s economy.

Join the India Pavilion at MYANENERGY 2018 for an electrifying time. Please contact Ms. Juju at juju@ambtarsus.com / +959786871526 or Mr. Darren at darren@ambtarsus.com / +60162454791 for more information.

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