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  The organisers of MYANENERGY 2018, Myanmar’s No.1 International Exhibition for Electric Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Engineering are pleased to announce that the Myanmar Engineering Society (MES) will officially be hosting the exhibition. The exhibition will be happening from 29 November to 1 December 2018 at the MEP Mindama in Yangon.

Founded in 1916 as the Burma Engineering Congress, MES’ main role is to support professional engineers and architects in the country as well as individuals and organisations that actively participate in the development of these fields. MES is also involved in the development of Myanmar by helping to organise seminars, talks, excursions and courses to educate future generations of engineers and architects, and to further develop knowledge on these vocations.

Recently, the organisers of the MYANENERGY Expo met with representatives of MES, which concluded with MES agreeing to host the Expo and to encourage local companies and entrepreneurs to attend as well.
  The support of the MES will enhance opportunities provided by MYANENERGY 2018 for power and electrical engineering companies seeking to engage in business ventures in Myanmar. At the same time, the expo will help to advance local knowledge and proficiency in electrical power generation, transmission, distribution and engineering, thus propelling Myanmar to a new stage of development.

Recognised since 2013 as the industry's biggest electrical engineering and power generation and transmission expo, the MYANENERGY Expo will be held from 29 November to 1 December 2018 at the MEP Mindama in Yangon. The expo is organised by AMB Tarsus Events Group, a leading trade show organiser in Asia, with multiple portfolios in other countries around South and Southeast Asia such as Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. With participation by over 260 exhibiting companies and an attendance of over 6,000 trade visitors all over the country, MYANENERGY 2018 is the most comprehensive platform to showcase your business to the Myanmar market.

Find out how your business can benefit at MYANENERGY 2018. Kindly contact Mr Darren Siow (darren@ambtarsus.com) or Ms Juju May (juju@ambtarsus.com) to book your preferred booth location today!